Two more “must have” boing-boing links

Boy, skip reading the boing-boing feed for a couple of days and you miss out on some gems:

First, there’s this, BB on GOOD: The “Twitter Revolution” – Social media meets social unrest in Guatemala.” In more evidence that I am both out of the loop and big media does not give a rat’s ass about little countries to the south of US, I was unaware of the upheaval in Guatemala that is apparently underway, nor was I ware of the role of technologies like Twitter and blogging in both getting the word out and causing problems. Definitely something for 516 in the winter 2010 term.

Second, from Michael “Orange Crate Art” Leddy comes “What Plagiarism Looks Like.” Here’s a quote that kind of sums it up:

Some enterprising readers (faculty? student-journalists?) have gone through the dissertations of Carl Boening and William Meehan, highlighting every passage in Meehan’s that can be found, word for word, in Boening’s. Neither the University of Alabama (which granted Boening and Meehan their doctorates) nor Jacksonville State University, where Meehan is president, has chosen to take up the obvious questions about plagiarism that Meehan’s dissertation presents.

Plagiarism– it’s not just something students do poorly….

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