Why yes, it is cold enough for me, thanks for asking

I knew we were in for some cold weather today, but I have to say I wasn’t expecting the current conditions: as of 6:30-ish or so AM, it’s -11 with a windchill of -30 (Fahrenheit, of course). I think windchill is kind of bullshit– unless it really is windy– but that is indeed pretty freakin’ cold.

In fact, it’s so cold, schools in the county (including Will’s school, Greenhills) are canceled because of it. That’s a new one for me, a “cold day.” It makes sense for schools that are busing in students because the last thing you want is a third-grader waiting for a bus that is running late turning into a popsicle. But I’m not sure it makes as sense for a place like Greenhills since all students find their own way there, though I have to say that I am happy I don’t have to go out and warm up the car quite this early. And it does create a four-day weekend/break for folks, too.

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