MIT Libraries weigh in on the dispute between EndNote and Zotero

This is one of those entries that falls into the category of “probably only useful to me/reminder:” “Thomson Reuters vs. George Mason University (or EndNote vs. Zotero): the Business End of Citation Management Software.” The short version is that EndNote (which is a citation software that costs money) is suing Zotero (which is free) claiming trademark infringement and the like.

I include this here because I think it would be worthwhile to introduce this stuff into the discussion in English 516 this coming winter, though this prompts two other thoughts for now. First, I really gotta get on the stick and figure out what I’m doing in that course in a couple of months. Second, perhaps I should make some use of these kinds of resources. I am more or less “old school” when it comes to this stuff, preferring instead to just keep track of stuff in MS Word files or Scrivener or something. What I don’t like particularly about EndNote or Zotero is that they aren’t portable. Perhaps more useful for me would be to revive my citeulike account, and since there is a “group” function with this site, maybe it’d be a good route to take in 516 for the research project. Or English 121 for that matter….

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