For the love of God, no roundabout at Geddes and 23

This perhaps falls into the realm of too much insider information, and I don’t know how many of my millions of regular readers care about this, but here it goes anyway: according to the Ann Arbor News, the Michigan Department of Transportation is proposing a couple of roundabouts at Geddes and US-23.

I don’t have a lot against roundabouts, but this intersection is totally screwed no matter what they do, it for certain needs to first be repaved, and, because I have to drive through this intersection pretty much every day to take Will to Greenhills, it does indeed matter to me what they do. So, here’s the thing: whatever they do in the next six or so years is going to mess up our morning commute in some fashion– a lot in the short-term while they do the construction, and a little more in the long-term post circle. At the same time, they’ve got to do something because it really is kinda bad.

Oh well. If it starts, I guess I’ll have to chart a new route….

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