Power Moby-Dick

Okay, one more post from Johndan (who said he got it from someplace else) and then I gotta get to work: Power Moby-Dick, which is a heavily annotated version of the book, one that I was assigned to read in two different classes in graduate school and one I have yet to open. Yes, I was and remain a bad person. But perhaps this will be all I need to get the motivation to give that book a try. Besides showing this to my American Lit colleagues, this might be fun to look at in 516 or 444.

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2 Responses to Power Moby-Dick

  1. Steve? Not read an assigned book? I’m shocked, SHOCKED I say.


  2. Andre says:

    You’ve never read Moby Dick? What the hell is wrong w/ you? Contrary to popular belief, it’s really good.

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