A few more Obama thoughts for the road

  • Everyone I talked to today seemed to be in a fine mood about Obama winning and such, but everyone I interacted with today seem kind of sleep-deprived.
  • While Obama was running, it was for the most part not really about race. And yet, the “big media” story today seems to be about race– that is, everyone is really excited that Obama won because he is an African-American/person of color. I’m happy about that of course, but I am mostly happy about Obama winning because he is so smart, he’s got fantastic ideas, he sees and understands complexity, he wants to talk to other people around the world, he didn’t have a freakin’ mental collapse when the shit hit the fan about the markets (ala McCain), he’s actually in the prime of his life and not near the end of it (ala McCain), and he was so pain-stakingly the obvious best choice that I was worried that Americans were going to do the stupid thing again.
  • I would say more about how it’s probably a little too early to say “all is well with race issues now in America since Obama won,” but Deb Hawhee said it better and first, so there you have it.
  • Hate radio is going to have a field-day over the next few years, and I’m worried about what will happen (or not) to the Daily Show.

One thought on “A few more Obama thoughts for the road”

  1. RE: race and the election of Obama…the quote that comes to my mind is from Harvey Keitel’s character, “The Wolf,” from Pulp Fiction. who, when his two gangster charges express some optimism that cleaning up their giant mess is going well, says: “Let’s not start suckin’ each others’ ****s just yet…”

    Translation: there’s still a considerable mess, and a lot of work yet to do

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