“That One,” the terrorist

Two handy links via my wife’s facebook page: first, a very smart piece by Frank Rich, “The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama” from Friday’s NYTimes. For reasons I myself don’t even quite understand, I found myself last night surfing about the conservative blogosphere, and the collective cry of conservative bloggers was that it was unfair to hold McCain and Palin responsible for a few nutjobs yelling stuff out at their rallies. I would agree with that analysis if it weren’t for the fact that McCain’s ads and Palin’s speeches have been fanning the flames, and Rich makes a pretty good argument in his article that it goes beyond that.

And then there’s this short video, “Obama ‘that one’ (mocean worker):”

It’s a catchy tune, and I think it’s right– knocking on wood, snapping fingers, not stepping on cracks, etc., etc.– oh, and oh yeah: getting out and voting.

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