On keyboards

I came across this via Lifehacker: “The Best Keyboard You’ve Ever Typed On.” One of the winners is the aluminum keyboard that comes with the latest version of the iMac, but for my own tastes and preferences, that one seems a little too thin and quiet and not enough bounce for me. Actually, my problem with keyboards as of late as been a sort of stickiness, perhaps from crud getting caught in there. The keyboard on the computer in my office is particularly annoying, but I have also replaced the keyboard that came with my home machine (an iMac circa 2006, I think) with a generic $30 or so keyboard, and I have to say, I like the old-school clickity-clack.

Perhaps more information on my typing habits than you need, but there you have it.

One thought on “On keyboards”

  1. The first NWE had those Model 70s. The sound of 20 or so students typing furiously on them was awesome. When the IBM clients were replaced with Suns, quite a few of the geeks hoarded the keyboards. I imagine some of them are still in use, 12 years on.

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