McCloud’s comic about Chrome

Google is releasing a browser soon, which may or may not be an interesting thing– elearnspace has an interesting post here speculating about that– but for the time-being, what I am more interested in is Scott McCloud’s comic about the release of the software, which is here. We’ll see what happens as we get closer to the “visual rhetoric” part of things in both English 328 and English 505 this fall, but I could see this as a potential teachable text.

Will started school today (and all is well); tomorrow, Annette and I go back to the classroom. Will and I were at a store after his school today and we ran into a friend of his. I was explaining that I had to start teaching on Wednesday; he asked me what grade I taught, and Will said “college– he teaches 15 to 20 grade.” Sort of, I suppose.

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