John McCain, because he cares so much

The Republicans are having a “subdued” convention start because of Hurricane Gustav, but let’s be clear about this: the reason the GOP is taking this approach is because W. et al screwed up the response to Hurricane Katrina was so completely. We know that during Hurricane Katrina, W. was busy congratulating Brownie for doing a heck of a job.

Happy Birthday, McCainBut what about John McCain? Well, as reminds us here, Johnny was sharing a little cake with George while New Orleans was turning into a disaster zone. And as this clip (via boing-boing) makes clear, McCain must have been on some kind of frosting sugar-high when contemplating the seriousness of the mistakes FEMA was making in 2005:

So what have we learned? McCain really likes birthday cake and horses. And apparently he’s okay with unwed mothers, too.

It’s interesting because Republicans would say that the big plus that McCain has over Obama is experience– his wisdom, his statesmanship, his good judgment, etc. But when we actually look back at his judgment about some particular issues like Katrina, like saying we’ll be in Iraq for 1,000 years, like any number of other weird things McCain has done and said, Republicans say we should give him a break for speaking off the cuff.

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