One hundred push ups: it’s worth a shot

I’m getting ready for a series of endings and new beginnings around here.  The spring term is wrapping up, and at the end of that, I’ll be passing the baton of writing program coordinator to my colleague Cheryl Cassidy– more on that another day.  Anyway, that seems as good as time as any to start getting back to exercise and losing weight.

I don’t want to make this about sharing too much information here, but basically, I was able to work out pretty steadily in the fall term, even if I wasn’t able to really lose much weight.  In the winter and the spring, I’ve been quite a bit lazier.  So I’m primed for a restart here.

Which leads me to this link, one hundred push ups.  The premise is very simple:  it’s a six week training program designed to get you to a point where you can do 100 pushups at one time.  Given that the training sessions don’t take that long, hey, what the hell?  I might as well give it a try.

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5 Responses to One hundred push ups: it’s worth a shot

  1. Staci Perryman Clark says:

    I think I can do 100 girl push ups. Does that count?

  2. Steve Krause says:

    They actually link to a wikipedia entry of the definition of a push-up (or, as the Brits call it, a press-up): Interestingly, in the animation they have demonstrating a push-up, the guy has his legs spread slightly apart. I tried that today, and it does make them easier. Not as easy as “girl push ups,” but still….

  3. billhd says:

    So did you e-mail the dude and get on “the challenge” page? Might make you more motivated if you are publicly accountable!

  4. Dan says:

    100 push ups you got that Krause–no problem!

  5. Mike says:

    If you’re able to do 100 push-ups within two minutes, you’ll max that portion of the Army Physical Fitness Test for any age group.

    Chin up, eyes front, and get that back straight, troop!

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