Flooding in my homeland

I haven’t been able to watch much news today, but I did come across this AP article via Google News, reported out of Cedar Falls: “Flood evacuations ordered along Iowa’s Cedar River.” And then there was this even more inspiring article from the (Cedar Rapids, I think?) Gazette: Volunteer sandbagger saved downtown Cedar Falls. Well, that should have been volunteers, but I get the point. Good article about folk pitching in.

There are also more articles about evacuations in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and other various points up and down Northeast Iowa. My parents, btw, are in a very “high and dry” area; I would bet they have some water in the backyard and the sump-pump may be running, but they are no where near the rivers.

Stay dry, my fellow Iowans….

A slight update:

I’m from Cedar Falls, where the downtown (my father reported to me in an email)  stayed dry.  On the other hand, Cedar Rapids, which is a much bigger city about an hour south of Cedar Falls/Waterloo and down river on the Cedar, is very very wet.

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