Go see “Young at Heart”

Been too busy around here lately, what with planning classes for spring, Estabrook Science Olympiad (that’s tomorrow), kiddie soccer practice, general cleaning/preparing for the in-laws to visit, and the various fireworks on that other blog I maintain. But I do have some other things I want to try to post about in the next day or two here.

In the meantime, here’s a YouTube video of the “show-stopper” number from the documentary Young At Heart, a very moving rendition of the Coldplay song “Fix You:”

As I understand it, this movie was actually made a couple years ago for British TV and is just now being released in the US. We saw it tonight at the Michigan theater, thanks to our friend/all-around good person Rachel and this fine organization, www.BlueprintForAging.org. Go check this movie out if you can– you’ll be glad you did.

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