Will’s cool French and Indian War fort

Much of Will’s weekend (and some of Annette’s and a very little bit of mine) was spent building a lovely model of a fort typical of the French and Indian War.  At least according to Will.  I am sure that they did not have forts built out of painted popsicle sticks, felt, sticks, and little pegs for guys.

Anyway, it turned out pretty cool.  Here’s a link to a Flickr set of pictures.  Be sure to look at the pictures individually because Will and I put in some notes to explain what different parts of the fort are and what the different guys in the fort are doing.

The last time Will did a project like this, he ended up getting what I think we all here thought was an artificially low grade.  He better do well on this one….

Oh, and I am rather surprised to know almost nothing about the French and Indian War.  Other than I think there was some unit on this when I was in about fifth or sixth grade.

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