Golden oldie and my own less golden and previous Happy Academic/grad school advice

Alex Halavais has a post I can’t link to right now (there’s some issue on his blog I am sure he will fix) where he has an excellent quote about scholarship and graduate study from Norbert Wiener. Here’s a link to Alex’s blog; I am sure he will make the link work to this entry soon enough.

Alex offers his own solid advice on going on for a PhD in communication studies, and that got me to thinking about my own previous bits of advice on the matter. I do occasionally get these kinds of questions from students, and I figured since I wrote this up before, what the heck, I’ll link to it now.

So, blasts from the past in this order:

  • Steve the Happy Academic, Part I, from 2003. This was back in the day when I was responding to a couple of different academic bloggers who were lamenting their sorry state. I still agree that working in academia is still a pretty good job, even with all of the stupid stuff that comes up.
  • “Should I get a Masters degree?”, also from 2003. I never know if that’s “Masters” or “Master’s” degree, but you get the idea. The short answer is “yes.”
  • “Should I get a PhD? (an answer in three parts),” which is from early 2004 but which is also only from web archives. This is when I was trying to run a blog off of the computer in my office, which was way more trouble than it was worth.

One thought on “Golden oldie and my own less golden and previous Happy Academic/grad school advice”

  1. Thanks for the nudge! No more late-night blogging for me. Fixed now.

    And thanks for the link back to your own Ph.D.-seekers’ advice. Amazing how similar it is to my own. I suspect lots of people would say the same thing, which makes me wonder that so many people still apply for Ph.D.s.

    Not that hearing the same thing when I was considering graduate school would have slowed me down at all…

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