Once again, I am overlooked

The UK’s Guardian/Observer has a list I came across via waiterrant (he’s #44) of “The world’s 50 most powerful blogs,” and once again, yours truly is not included. Figures.

Actually, it’s an interesting list and will serve as fodder for blogs to invite to my survey, though I haven’t had a lot of luck in getting “big time” bloggers to participate as of yet. And it’s a list to take with a grain of salt. It’s kind of UK-centric, and it doesn’t include a bunch of different blogs you think it would include– the Daily KOS, for example.

3 thoughts on “Once again, I am overlooked”

  1. Was I the French guy? Sweet!

    While we were all overlooked, they seem to use a rather broad definition of “Blog.” One that sort of problematizes the whole notion of what a blog is.

  2. Ha! No, Chris is thinking of a different “French guy” from about 25 years ago. Andre, remind me some time and I’ll tell you the story. ;-)

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