Oscar night link shout-outs

While watching the Oscars tonight, I’m sorting through my RSS Feed Reader.

  • CCE gave my The Process of Research Writing a shout-out. I haven’t really had a lot of time to do much with this since I put it up on line last year and it’s not exactly a site that is just burnin’ up the Internets, but I do know that hundreds people have at least looked at this thing, which is hundreds more than would have looked at it had I left it as it was with my previous publisher.
  • Via jill/txt, girls apparently blog more than boys. A potentially interesting link to follow through on for teaching, but since my BAWS project specifically skips the under 18 year old crowd, not so much for my research.
  • Blackboard wins patent case. I have to be honest, I don’t really quite know what this means in terms of what other CMS tools or open source tools or what-have-you, but it sounds like it could be significant. I suppose one option is to just not use Blackboard at all, which I’ve happily managed to do so far.
  • 12 Screencasting Tools for Creating Video Tutorials, which is from a site I think I’m going to subscribe to called mashable.com. Personally, I am very partial to iShowU, but there are a couple of other Mac options that look pretty interesting, too.

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