Whoa, it looks like Obama is in the lead

From the NYT, “With a Surge, Obama Makes His Case.” Here’s a quote:

The sheer consistency of Mr. Obama’s victories over the last few days certainly suggests that many Democratic voters have gotten past whatever reservations they might have had about his electability or his qualifications to be president.

Even before his latest victories, Mr. Obama, of Illinois, had whittled away at the advantages amassed last year by Mrs. Clinton.

He now enjoys a big financial advantage. Her big lead in national polls is gone. By most counts, Mr. Obama can now claim more delegates pledged to him. He has won far more states than Mrs. Clinton, although she won some of the big prizes, like California and New Jersey.

Just think about this for a second: three or so months ago, Barack had a fork in ’em and Hilary was measuring the drapes in the Oval Office.

Of course, as the rest of this article makes clear, there’s a long way to go before we figure out who is the Democrat’s nominee. Still, it’s pretty exciting to see my dude still in it. Go Obama!

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