Cell phone novels?

Via CCE, I came across this NYT piece, “Thumbs race as Japan’s best sellers go cellular.” Basically, there is an increasingly popular phenomenon in Japan, mostly among women, of both reading and writing novels on cell phones. Here’s a quote:

One such star, a 21-year-old woman named Rin, wrote “If You” over a six-month stretch during her senior year in high school. While commuting to her part-time job or whenever she found a free moment, she tapped out passages on her cellphone and uploaded them on a popular Web site for would-be authors.

After cellphone readers voted her novel No. 1 in one ranking, her story of the tragic love between two childhood friends was turned into a 142-page hardcover book last year. It sold 400,000 copies and became the No. 5 best-selling novel of 2007, according to a closely watched list by Tohan, a major book distributor.

Jeez, and I can barely send a text message on my phone….

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2 Responses to Cell phone novels?

  1. Sophia's Grandpa says:

    You are being mean to my grand puppy!!

  2. Steve Krause says:

    Wrong post, Sophie’s Grandpa :-)

    No seriously, she really does like this. Annette was throwing snowballs for her high enough that she was able to catch them. That she really liked.

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