Four more thoughts on the Iowa Caucuses

Oddly, two political posts in a row! Well, four more thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Sure, everyone is excited about what happened last night and everyone wants to say that this means that “such and such” is going to happen. We’ll see, but I wouldn’t want to make a bet that the race is going to be between Hucklebee and Obama quite yet. Having said that…
  • I do think that this does represent “change,” which I think is an interesting way of saying (or not saying) “shift to the left.” This too will be interesting to see if this is a trend that will continue.
  • I watched part of some of the speeches from folks last night (I was flipping around channels), and it was interesting to me how carefully everyone I saw was speaking in terms of volume and decorum. None of this Howard Dean scream stuff.
  • My dude won, but considering the fact that I have in 23 years of voting, I was in the majority for president once (well, twice, since Clinton had two terms), I’m not sure if that’s a good omen or not.

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