On the outside chance anyone cares…

I didn’t mention this before, but I will be or rather am out of town for a while to celebrate the Christmas holidaze with family. Just a few things to mention about the events so far:

  • While in Iowa, we succeeded in not being one of the many travelers who ended up in the ditch around Christmas-time.
  • While I do not want to live in Florida, I must admit it is nice to be here this time of year (seeing the in-laws).
  • I was pirating er borrowing wifi access from my in-laws’ neighbors, but they have either figured something was amiss or it just stopped working for some reason. So now I’m working on their computer, a dicy proposition since if anything goes wrong, well….
  • Originally, I wasn’t going to do any computer work at all over the break– just read. That failed miserably. Now I realize that I left at home many of the things I was going to read, yet I still managed to bring many of the things I need in order to plan my Winter term teaching. I think I am sending myself a message.
  • I am seriously mulling over the idea of breaking what has been my traditional division in blogs, my “official” and my “unofficial,” and just combining them into one big mish-mosh of blogging. I’d like to call it something catchy though, something better than “Steve Krause 2.0” or something….
  • As I understand it, there is this whole MLA thing going on right now, something I am hoping to never ever attend again, even if I’m looking for a job.

Perhaps more random and non-academic thoughts than you want, but there you have it.

One thought on “On the outside chance anyone cares…”

  1. Oooh, that’s a great sentence: “I think I am sending myself a message.” Gotta love that. I think it belongs in my bag of sentences, right along with “I am having a meeting with myself.”

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