Local Facebook round-up

Wandering through this evening’s Ann Arbor News, I came across this “concerned citizen” letter to the editor that I know newspapers always love to run. Follow the link to read the whole thing (it’s the first letter); here’s my favorite paragraph:

My question is about YouTube and MySpace. What is it about putting all of one’s personal and private business out into the public domain for friend and foe to gather information so that they can either stalk you, attempt to rape or molest you or even attempt to kill you. Is your 15 minutes of fame worth the cost of a rapist, predator or murderer showing up at your front door?

Ah yes, much YouTube/Myspace molestation for sure….

Anyway, one link led to another, and I learned that the U of M student government president was brought down by a Facebook scandal. There was a story about it on the national media site Gawker, and an article in the (University of) Michigan Daily.

I think this is the sort of entry worthy of interest/reprint on EMUTalk.org, actually…

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