Pynchon in Semaphore

I don’t know if this is an official or unofficial topic, but I came across it via Johndan’s Work/Space blog and I just thought it was so cool as a former Pynchon geek: “San Jose Semaphore’s message atop Adobe Building is…” Thomas Pynchon’s classic short novel The Crying of Lot 49. This makes me want to go to San Jose.

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  1. it’s awfully precious to begin a post about Pynchon w/ a question about it’s “official” or “unofficial” nature. i love it.

    i was a former Pynchon geek, too. my first publication was on Pynchon and chaos (via strange attractors in _Vineland_).

    couldn’t get into Mason and Dixon and have not read the latest; the style escapes me now.

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