Foundations in the virtual world

Via my department head, I learned about this, “MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton and Second Life CEO Philip Rosedale Are Inviting Us,” and by “Us,” they mean HASTAC. There’s some more information on all this at the MacArthur Foundation web site too. Basically, there’s going to be a Second Life gathering next week (June 22, 9 am PST) in the virtual Second Life world about (virtual?) philanthropy.

I dunno. I might have a bad attitude, but I think that Second Life is… well, um, kind of goofy. And I say this as someone who went through a phase of playing the equally (even more) goofy game of The Sims. Maybe these virtual envirionments will be the “next big thing;” or maybe the money being made here is just the latest tulip.

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