No, this blog is not about…

I’m actually afraid to fill in the rest of that for fear that I will attract more “beyond spam” spam. Here’s what I’m getting at:

I’ve been actively ignoring my blog for the last few days simply because I am completely swamped with school right now. I was going/probably still will post something on about this, but I kind of feel like I have what I like to refer to as the spring/summer term blues. Here at EMU, we have fall term and winter term (what most folks call spring term), each of which are 15 weeks long, and two summer school terms called spring term and summer term. And actually, the naming makes sense since these are the seasons when these terms take place. It sure is heck not “spring” around here until April at the earliest.

But I digress.

The bad thing about spring/summer terms is that they are 7.5 weeks long, which means that everything moves twice as fast as a “normal” term. Thankfully, there aren’t as many meetings and the administrative load drops off in the spring and summer. But the teaching is very intense. Students taking these classes (as often as not in a mad dash to finish their college careers) do not always know what it is they’re getting themselves into, and are thus sometimes kind of crabby. And even though I’ve done this many times before (actually, I haven’t taken a whole spring or summer off in I don’t know how long), I am always surprised at how the work of the courses creeps up on me. Going to computers and writing, working on an article (I promise, I actually am working on it!), gardening, golfing, and just living my life has put me sadly and woefully behind.

Thus my blues, thus my purposeful ignoring of the blog. Again, I digress.

Anyway, I got an email from a colleague of mine who said that I had some spam of a male enhancement/performance nature on my site. I assumed it was of the typical sort of comment spam. But no, this was different; this spam was one where somehow the attack came on the header information of the blog itself. So, instead of seeing “Steven D. Krause’s Official Blog,” readers saw some information on various enhancement products beginning with a “v.”

I’m not sure this self-censorship is necessary, but I think it’s interesting….

So, if you come across this space and see that kind of message, rest assured, I didn’t do it. And I promise to return and be more vigilant about blog security soon. Really.

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