C&W 07: My Presentation

I presented at the very last session on Sunday, May 20, at the recently completed Computers and Writing conference in Detroit. To be honest, more people showed up to this session than I thought would, mainly to support the other two presenters, I think. Still, it was a marked improvement over my “crowd” at the CCCCs.

In any event, I am making my presentation available at this web site with three basic versions:

  • the script of my talk with a few key slides pictures included (the version I’d recommend for most readers);
  • just the script with numbers where I inserted the slides; and
  • the Keynote slides saved for the web.

I’m also going to be sharing this presentation to the EMUtalk.org community since, after all, it’s about them. We’ll see what they have to say about all this.

3 thoughts on “C&W 07: My Presentation”

  1. Hrm, don’t sell yourself short. I assigned Kim to that panel so *she’d* have a crowd.
    On the other hand, I wish my own panel hadn’t had such a crowd–then maybe I would have had the gumption to say “and this would all have a point, except then I had to plan a conference” and instead… it just sucked. :)

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