Composition Studies and the Writing Major

There was a “shout-out” about this on the WPA-L mailing list and I just thought I’d repeat it here:

The issue of Composition Studies that I worked on with some of my colleagues here at EMU has either come out or it’s about to come out. The WPA-L email says they’ve printed extra copies– I guess a “hot item” or something.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks in a public forum to all of my colleagues who worked with me on this, but especially Heidi Estrem. By the end of this project, she was the major organizer/force behind this project. So thanks Heidi!

Here’s what’s in the issue:

Estrem, Heidi. “Growing Pains: The Writing Major in Composition and Rhetoric”

Delli Carpini, Dominic. “Re-writing the Humanities: The Writing Major’s Effect upon Undergraduate Studies in English Departments.”

Clary-Lemon, Jennifer. “Hot Arctic: Major as New ‘Site’ for New Hires.”

McClure, Randall. “Projecting the Shape of the Writing Major.”

Howard, Rebecca Moore. “Curricular Activism: The Writing Major as Counterdiscourse.”

Shamoon, Linda and Celest Martin. “Which Part of the Elephant is This?: Questioning Creative Non-Fiction in the Writing Major.”

Schaffner, Spencer. “Grounding the Writing Major in the Socio-Graphemic Approach.”

Peeples, Timothy, Rosinski, and Michael Strickland. “Chronos and Kairos, Strategies and Tactics: The Case of Constructing Elon University’s Professional Writing and Rhetoric Concentration”

Taylor, Beth. “On Brown University’s New Non-Fiction Writing Program–A ‘Focus’ within the English Concentration”

Newman, Glenn. “Concocting a Writing Major: A Recipe for Success”

Scott, Tony. “The Cart, the Horse, and the Road They are Driving Down: Thinking Ecologically about a New Writing Major.”

Peele, Thomas. “What do We Mean by Writing?”

Lowe, Kelly. “Against the Writing Major”

Taylor, Hill. “Black Spaces: Examining the Writing Major at an Urban HBCU”

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