All the way to the final four, baby!

I’ve been friend with a guy who lives in Chicago and works for the Chicago Tribune (I’ll let him be semi-anonymous because of this) who I have known since my freshman year in college 23 years ago when he lived across the hall from me and when he had the excellent feature of air conditioning in his dorm room. And for about as long, Bruce and I have exchanged picks in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

I only see Bruce about once a year or so tops nowadays, but we still exchange these things. Anyway, I thought this year that I might invite my millions of loyal readers to also participate in this little final four set of brackets. There is of course no prize, other than bragging rights. But hey, what does it take to fill out the bracket, five minutes?

So, heck out the group I set up via Yahoo! Sports, and if it doesn’t work out right for you, let me know. The group info is ” unofficialstevekrause (Group ID# 68766), so if you sign up for Yahoo, you should be able to get yourself registered for the site. And may the best blogger win!

Slight update:

It seems that the Yahoo group I have set up requires me to invite folks– you can’t just sign up. Oh well. Anyway, I’ve invited some regular readers/friends, and I am willing to invite more. Time is of the essence though; I think you only have until March 15 in the morning to sign up!

One thought on “All the way to the final four, baby!”

  1. I started a second blog that I think a couple of epicureans such as yourselves might like it. There’s a link on my “Visions of Ypsi” blog.

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