The TSA has crossed a line with me…

Anyone who has visited my office in Pray-Harrold knows that one of my quirky little things is I like to collect snow globes. I don’t know entirely why I collect snow globes, other than the fact that the ones I collect are cheap (none of these fancy Christmas ones with music boxes and stuff), and it gives me something to look for when I’m on a trip and in a gift store someplace.

So, with that in mind, you can imagine my outrage that the TSA has now added snow globes to the list of items not to be allowed on an airplane. To quote:

Snow globes regardless of size or amount of liquid inside, even with documentation, are prohibited in your carry-on. Please ship these items or pack them in your checked baggage.

More evidence that the terrorist are winning.

By the way, I am envisioning a near future where I pack up my snow globe collection (and many other things in my office) and take it back to my home office. Besides the chance of a sabbatical next year (keep fingers crossed), I’m also anticipating a near future where the building where I work is remodeled (keep more fingers crossed). We’ll see what happens….

Small Update
Also from boing-boing today comes this extremely useful page,

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