Hey, I'm a published photographer!

Here’s one of those “build it on the web and they will come” kinda stories:

Buried in the mountain of email I’ve received at the end of the semester from all quarters was a message from the web site editor of Preservation Online, which part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. She was requesting a photograph I took of the University of Michigan football stadium, aka, “The Big House.” My first thought was “what is she talking about?” My second thought– and I emailed her about this– was she must be referring to this picture:

Steve and Spongebob

My wife took this picture of me when we went to see an Iowa/Michigan football game back in 2004, which I wrote about on my unofficial blog here, and this was the only picture I remember from that adventure. So I was a little confused as to why Preservation Online would want a picture of me showing off my Spongebob Squarepants shirt.

Well, it turns out that I did take a couple of other pictures, including this one inside the stadium:

Michigan Stadium

Besides being a pretty good picture, I assume these folks asked me for it because they could use it for free. I have no idea how they found this photo, though I assume it was through some kind of Google search. Again, the magic of the Internet: build it, and eventually, they will come.

Anyway, the link to the Preservation Online article that features my photo is here. As long as “published” doesn’t mean “paid,” I’ve got another credit to add to my name.

Hmm, maybe on my CV?

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