Neil Young Mixing Sound and Words and Pictures

Normally, I try to stay away from posting things here that are overtly political, though I have to say that I do agree with the sentiments that Neil Young is expressing in his song “Let’s Impeach the President” and his album Living With War. And I like Neil Young well enough.

But I just thought that this video for the song “Let’s Impeach the President” was really brilliant. It just does a really good job of parodying/imitating the genre, of mixing words and images and sounds, of reporting research data, etc. It’d be great to show students in FY Comp– well, except maybe the politics would stir things up too much…. Or maybe that would be a good thing.

Here it is also available via YouTube:

One thought on “Neil Young Mixing Sound and Words and Pictures”

  1. Thanks for posting this Steve. I hadn’t seen it. I had my students writing about political campaign videos this term, but wasn’t sure what I’d dig up for the winter term. This one’s going on the list. They like the music videos, which are generally anti-Bush. I’ll need to find some pro-Bush, or something along those lines, videos to balance things out, even though my students know I’m a left-wing whacko.

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