Is this the next "big" thing?

I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but boing-boing had a link pointing to Vox the other day. I had actually heard of this site earlier (and btw, if I have heard of something before it shows up on boing-boing, does that make me super-duper cool or what?), but I haven’t set up an account yet.

It does look promising though; basically, this it’s like a blogger-type space that allows you to easily incorporate lots of video, audio, pictures, etc., etc. That’d be pretty handy for a class where one of the goals is to get students to do stuff with a variety of different online medias but where there isn’t a lot of time or computer lab access to take students to work on iMovie and other software.

3 thoughts on “Is this the next "big" thing?”

  1. I actually heard about Vox through LiveJournal – the same parent company runs both sites.
    The sole reason i got an account there (lol) was to play around with the layout options, because i enjoyed the looks more than LJ’s.
    However, it does seem to have some neat options.

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