Misc. Catch-Up on RSS Feed Reading, Part 1

With the strike and school and everything, I haven’t had much time to read blogs the way I usually do, which is with an RSS reader– in my case, NetNewsWire Lite. But I’ve got a bit of catch-up to do; I have 790 or so unread posts in my feeds. Of course, I’m not going to read them all but I have to at least do a little browsing through them. So, in the order in which they appear in my feed, here’s some of what I came across:

  • “New Favorite New Apps of Two Mac Geeks,” which includes a pretty interesting looking video software/TV software called Democracy. I haven’t actually listened to the podcast yet though.
  • From jill/txt, this post “rituals of closure.” Lots of good stuff here; I like how she says “I wish Technorati would track the ending of blogs as it tracks their creation,” since how things end is often is as interesting as how they begin.
  • Also via jill/text, YouTubeX, which appears to be a very easy to use download tool for YouTube (I haven’t messed with it yet though).
  • Oh, and it appears that jill is working on a book about blogging. Someone else beats me to the punch, and there are undoubtably many others working on such books….
  • From Wired News, “Web 2.0 Winners and Losers,” which both a) basically explains what “Web 2.0” actually means (well, at least it offers examples), and b) has some good links to stuff to check out if you haven’t. I’m not a big fan of Writerly myself though.

I still have about 500 unread articles in my feed, so there will probably be more….

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