The Strike of 2006: Welcome back to EMU– NOT

Remember how Fallon said on WEMU this morning that he’s planning on being at the “welcome back to EMU” picnic thing tomorrow, regardless of the strike, because of the importance of greeting students in the new year and all that? Well, according to EMU PR person Pam Young (who I suppose is reporting to the PR consultants right now), tomorrow’s picnic has been postponed until September 20. I wonder if Fallon knows yet.

I hope we’re still not picketing then, but I might be passing on that administrator-served burger….

One thought on “The Strike of 2006: Welcome back to EMU– NOT”

  1. Just a note to anyone who is reading Steve’s blog. Please call US Rep. John Dingell in Washington, DC and ask for Lisa Pienellas. She covers his education issues. Her number is: 202-225-4071. His liason in the Detroit office is an EMU student and is also very concerned about the strike.

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