The Strike of 2006: Sign the EMU-AAUP Petition

The EMU-AAUP web site has a petition on it that urges the EMU administration’s negotiating team to return to the bargaining table. Here’s a link directly to the petition here. The text of the petition is pretty simple:

The administration of Eastern Michigan University walked out on contract talks with the faculty. Tell Karen Valvo, Chair of the Regents, and President Fallon to return to talks, finish negotiating a contract and let classes begin.

Please feel free to personalize the text in the petition and add your own additional thoughts!


I might have phrased things differently, but I think you get the point. And it really doesn’t matter if you think the faculty are a bunch of greedy crybabies; all of us want the talks to continue, right?

So go and sign it!

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