Restaurant Review: CiCi’s Pizza Buffet

What and Where:

CiCi’s Pizza Buffet | 2593 Ellsworth Rd | Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (734) 528-5000

Ratings (1=terrible, 5=mind-blowingly great)

  • Tastiness: 1.5
  • Service: 3
  • Price (1=super cheap, 5=super expensive): 1
  • Value: 2.5
  • General vibe: 2.5
  • Comments

    • I was inspired to write this review after reading a similar one here. Plus it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed any restaurants in the area. And plus I am in kind of a mood to review some pizza places today.
    • CiCi’s Pizza Buffet serves salad stuff, “pizza,” “pasta,” and pizza-oriented desserts. By “pizza,” I mean something that really doesn’t resemble real pizza; it reminded me of the pseudo-pizza product served at Chuck E. Cheese. Like CEC, I don’t mind eating fake pizza once in a while, much in the same way I don’t mind eating MacDonald’s burgers occassionally or spaghettios with meatballs.
    • The salad seemed relatively harmless, but I didn’t try the pasta. That looked disgusting. The “pizza-oriented desserts” were basically pizza dough with frosting on it. I didn’t try that either.
    • I thought the service was fine and the restaurant was clean and everything, though oddly, the other customers (there weren’t many) seemed all to be senior citizens. There was one guy who looked exactly like a turtle.
    • On the one hand, the food at CiCi’s is not very good at all. On the other hand, it’s ridiculously cheap, all you can eat (with a beverage) for less than $6. So if you’re hungry and not picky, it’s okay. I guess.

    One thought on “Restaurant Review: CiCi’s Pizza Buffet”

    1. I don’t know about super cheap. For $5 I can get a large pepperoni pizza from Little Caesers, which although not labeled as gourmet is still vastly superior to CiCi’s. The problem with really bad all you can eat food is that I can’t stomach very much. My son Max loves pizza and not that picky when it comes to junk food and even he hated it.

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