At the Movies: Monster House (in “Real D”)

I should be getting ready for bed, but I’m “keyed up” after finishing some school work and I wanted to posta little something about the movie Monster House, which I saw with Will on Monday. Annette had seen this with Will last Friday or Saturday or so and she spoke highly of it, but I was a little bit dubious. For one thing, I just sorta figured another kid movie; for another, Will (okay, and me too) wanted to see the 3-D version– or, as it is apparently called, “Real D.” For another, I was kind of tired and, I dunno, looking more forward to nap or maybe a beer than a movie.

Well, I gotta tell ya: go see this thing if you get a chance, and for God’s sake, go see it in the “Real D” if you can. I’m not interested in writing a summary of the flick, especially when there’s one right here. But a couple of thoughts:

  • Without a doubt, this is a movie filled with surprises pretty much from beginning to end. When I saw the trailer, I thought that this would be a pretty predictable and simple flick. Not so, not so at all.
  • This is not a movie for little (less than about 7 or so) kids. There’s some scary shit in this flick– not King Kong scary, but people getting eaten and stuff scary.
  • I was amazed at how cool the 3-D stuff was. This isn’t the whole red/green über-cheesy technology of old. It’s some kind of digital thing (though it does require glasses) that, in this movie at least, was mostly subtle but also employed during some exciting chase kinds of scenes quite effectively. So, unlike the segments on SCTV that featured a 3-D House of Beef or the last 3-D movie I saw– one of the Spy Kids movies, I think– this one was part of the story, looked great, and didn’t give me a headache.
  • And again, this is a reason to see a movie in the theater. I think they should all be 3-D. Oh, right, Real D.

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