Online Book Reviews, Blogger Conventions: two links for later…

Both of these are links I’m interested in keeping track of for teaching (I can easily imagine them as a reading (or really, listening) assignment for Writing for the World Wide Web or my graduate course in computers and writing:

  • “Upon Further Review,” which is an NPR Morning Edition Sunday story about how the new book The Stolen Child has become very popular not as the result of professional reviews but because of “amateur” critics on Nice and crabby comments from “professional” critics about how the amateurs can’t possibly get it right.
  • “Lefty Bloggers Assemble in Las Vegas,” also on NPR Morning Edition Sunday. I had read about this in the NYT a couple weeks ago (and still have that article kicking around someplace), but this is a nice addition to the coverage of the Daily KOS convention. The question is if you put a bunch of bloggers into a room together, would they actually talk to each other? Or just tyle with/at each other?

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