They’re a little bit country…

The other day, I purchased the Dixie Chicks newest CD, Taking the Long Way. This marks two “firsts” for me: it’s the first time I have ever purchased a “country” album, and it’s the first time I have purchased a CD as a political statement. In brief, I bought this not so much because I’m a Dixie Chicks fan but because I admire their politics and I think it’s impressive that they continue to perform and speak out despite death threats and idiot assholes like this person.

So, how is it? Eh. Okay, I guess.

I like the song that’s getting airplay on radio and MTV now, “Not Ready to Make Nice,” probably the best. But on the whole, it seems like pretty luke-warm pop music to me, and, despite the fact that they are not (apparently) “real” country artists anymore since they don’t whole-heartedly support Bush and the stupid war, it still sounds pretty country to me. I dunno. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

2 thoughts on “They’re a little bit country…”

  1. You’ve never bought a country album before? What about Willie and Johnny Cash? That’s crazy. The Grateful Dead’s American Beauty is basically country too. As is The Byrds’ Sweetheart of the Rodeo.

    I’ll copy you some. It’s damn good.

  2. Well (as I mentioned to Andre earlier today), I have some Johnny Cash, some Patsy Kline, some Lyle Lovett, etc. The sound track for O Brother, Where Art Thou? No Willie, though my dad is a fan. So I guess in that sense, I have some country. But this is the first “pop” country album I’ve ever bought.

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