See you in… Perth?

Via Jill Walker, I’ve learned that the CFP for the seventh annual International Digital Arts and Culture Conference is out. It sounds like a great conference that will be an interesting mix of digital stuff; among other things, the call says:

Topics of interests may include, but are not limited to, computer games, hypertext theory and literature, new media narrative, streaming media, interactive and networked performance, digital aesthetics, interactive cinema, theory, art, bio-art, nano-art, augmented reality, cyberculture, electronic fiction, electronic music, electronic art, games culture, games system design, games theory, interactive architecture, cinema and video, MOOs, MUDs, RPG, virtual reality, virtual worlds.

Oh yeah, just one thing: it’s in Perth, Australia.

Despite the fact that, from here, the directions to Perth are basically “go south and west halfway across the planet, and then turn right,” I have half a mind to submit a proposal. I looked up a flight from Detroit to Perth and was somewhat surprised to find that it was “only” $1500 or so. It costs $1200 to fly to Sydney, so to go all the way to Perth seems like a bargin. Heck, it was going to cost me $600 or so to fly to Lubbock; so compared to that, it’s down-right cheap!

Besides that, what are my chances for visiting Australia and getting (at least some) money from EMU to do it and writing the rest off on my taxes? Hmmmm….

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