MacBook Reviews look promising

Via boing-boing, I came across this promising review of the new MacBook released the other day. My first thought was “Damn! And I just spent $300 on this laptop to get it fixed!” But the more I think about it, the more I will probably want more than the “basic” model, which is around $1100 (though there might be some kind of education discount). According to the review, the totally maxed-out version of this computer is around $2K. That might be too rich for my blood, but something in between those two extremes might be interesting.

In any event, unless something very unexpected happens, I think I’m going to wait another year….

7 thoughts on “MacBook Reviews look promising”

  1. Just looked over the new MBs at our local apple store–very nice. The widescreen and size I like better than the old 12″ powerbook. The glossy screen I was not that crazy about and the new keyboard with buttons instead of keys would take some getting used to, but the built in isight and the extra power make even the bottom end a very nice value. I’ll still plug along on my almost five year old powebook with half the screen greyed out, though, until either the U buys me something or they work out a few more bugs and drop in the cooler chips in a future iteration–well maybe ;-0

  2. I’m due for a new computer from my university this summer (yesss!), and I think I’m going for the mid-size MacBook (the white one), with some extra raam loaded on. The black one looks groovy, but G sez you’re paying $50 for extra hard drive and $150 for the black color—and that our tech folks will therefore balk at buying it. Whatever; I’ll be happy as all get out with the midsize white one. Heat problems? I’m betting they won’t be solved. My PowerBook gets hot as a firecracker. I just figure that the good folk at Apple make ’em that way deliberately, as a comfort to those of us who live in cold climates.

  3. I waited and waited until they released the Macbook. I ordered mine black and with extra RAM and was so excited to check it out as I was barely limping along with my secondhand laptop. Unfortunately, I was the lucky one and got a lemon, as by the time I was ready to install some software, the superdrive wouldn’t work. Good thing I bought Applecare.

    Oh well, I’m still waiting as my supplier had to order new parts and I’ve had to go back to my basic laptop.

    Hopefully, it’s smooth sailing from here.

  4. I have used the Macbook for a few days and quite like it. Although, it’s not quite powerful enough for my needs – I’m a graphics-centric type person, it is a wonderful product at this price point.

    I would caution anyone purchasing a Macbook to allow for extra RAM (at the very least 1GB with 2GB should your budget stretch) – and remember to add the RAM in balanced pairs – 512MB in bank one and 512MB in bank two to take advantage of the dual pipeline mode of the RAM. It may sound like it wouldn’t make a lot of difference (and in hard numbers it doesn’t appear to make a vast difference), but in purely subjective use it DOES make a significant difference when using the machine.

    The only other addition (for my money) would be an external hard drive as the 60GB is not big enough for most users and the 80GB carries too great a cost penalty (at least in Australia) for the small increase to be of great value. Lacie make some good externals for around the $200 AUD in the 160 GB range.

    Other than the above (and the shared graphics – will be an issue if you use 3D applications, won’t be if you don’t), this machine is a tiny power-house and a fantastic update to the iBook/12inch Powerbook.


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