Word Blogging (and why I probably won't use it)

Relatively reliable rumor has it that the new version of MS Word will include a “blog this” kind of feature. I found this via Alex Halavais’ blog.

I think my main reaction to this is “big deal.” First off, Microsquish comes out with Apple versions of its software almost exactly a year behind the versions for the PC. Second, if Word does “blog stuff” half as well as it deal with HTML code, then we’ll have a mighty mighty crappy product indeed. Third, it will probably remain much easier and efficient to just use something like WordPress or Blogger or whatever because there are all the complications of the server that have to be figured into the process. It’s like using the “publish” feature on something like Dreamweaver: in the end, I just find it easier and a lot more exact to use some kind of ftp or sftp software.

iLife 06 has a blogging software of some sort, one I might play around with more when I have time. For the time-being though, I threw it away to save precious hard drive space.

It would be nice if WordPress had a spell-check though….

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