Not the laptop I'm lookin' for, Apple…

Apple has announced it’s latest intel chip-based MacBook Pro, a 17 inch model.


First off, this thing is just shy of $3,000, which is about $1,500 or more out of my price range. Second, this thing is huge. Opening up a 17 inch laptop in a meeting would be like opening up a suitcase. There are coffee shops I go to where I don’t think I could fit a 17 inch laptop and a cup of coffee on the same table.

Well, hopefully a smaller one will come out sooner than later. I’ve heard rumors that the MacBook Pro in the intel configuration is coming out as 13 instead of 12 inches. Close enough. And some time in the next week or two, I think I’m going to send in my current iBook and get a few things (like my power supply issues) fixed. Stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “Not the laptop I'm lookin' for, Apple…”

  1. There is a 15 in. too. Opening a 17 in might be like opening a suitcase, but imagine how jealous everyone would be! I am seriously considering a 17 in as a desktop replacement :-)

  2. I might end with the 15 inch machine ultimately, but my current plan is to fix some of the problems with iBook (heck, it’s only 2 and half years old) and keep using it for at least another year. And keep in mind that this is the computer I am buying for myself– not what EMU is going to buy me for my office.

    As for a desktop replacement: I guess it kind of depends on what you mean by that. My only real computer at home is my laptop (of course, I don’t do the kind of gaming that dr. b does, either). But at school, I want a desktop computer, in part because I want to be able to use it as a server. And really, given that the 20 inch iMac is about $1700 right now (less with an academic discount), that seems the route to go. If you want something that you don’t want to carry around, that is….

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