South Beach Diet, Week 1: I don’t care if it’s just water weight!

So, how’s the diet going, you ask? Not bad. In the first week, I have lost about five or six pounds, depending on how I stand on the scale. I thought I had lost more than that, but that’s really my inability to do math.

I felt like I was pretty good as far as sticking to the diet goes this week– I’d give myself about a B or a B+. Annette and I did drink on Saturday night (hey, it’d been a long week), but otherwise, I wad pretty dedicated to the “phase 1” concept of the diet, which essentially amounts to a diet of low-fat meats, cheese, lots of vegetables, and no alcohol. Thus my B or B+. By the way, if you’re wondering about the “healthiness” of the SB diet, look at it like this: basically, you don’t eat starches and/or baked goods. It’s like a wheat-free vegan diet, except with meat.

My weight loss for the first week is pretty typical for the first part of SB, which, like most diets like this, give you a sort of “quick start” at the beginning. When I mentioned my weight loss this last week to my mother on the phone, she said “Oh, that’s just water weight.” And she’s probably right. But you know what? I don’t care. Five pounds is five pounds, and it’s nice to have that kind of start.

I don’t anticipate losing this much this week, but I’ll keep plugging away. And as I get caught up on my mountain of school work and as the term draws to a close, I’ll be able to get back to the gym, too.

3 thoughts on “South Beach Diet, Week 1: I don’t care if it’s just water weight!”

  1. people kept saying that to me when i did south beach, too.
    i say, who cares! water weight is bad! when it’s gone, you feel good!

    i would also like to add that i have been eating like total crap for the past 5 months, and i haven’t gained back a single pound that i lost on south beach.

    so you can use that, when people start telling you how pointless your diet is.

  2. Hi! I just began the SB diet and when I say JUST BEGAN – I mean it! 2 days into this deal and I feel strong about it but, I’m day dreaming about cheesecake and bread. I’m glad to know when you cheated a little you didn’t gain back all of your weight. If you have any pointers please let me know.

  3. Dude, good luck with your weight loss. As a strict South Beach diet (so far enormously successful, having committed myself to it for the long haul) I have to say that giving yourself a B due to drinking, sounds rather generous to me. I don’t know if you’re talking about one drink or getting hammered, but if it’s anything more than one drink I think an “F” would be more appropriate. Alcohol on a low carb diet is about the worst thing you can consume.

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