Back on the South Beach Diet

What’s that bit about April being the cruelest month? Well, I have decided to make it even crueler decided it was time for a diet. Actually, it wasn’t literary masochism that drove me back to dieting, but the excesses of back-to-back work road-trips, my birthday week, beer making, traveling to Florida to see the in-laws, and general stress eating because of crazy school stuff.

I’ve been feelin’ mighty tubby.

And I’ve been feeling way out of shape, too. In the fall, I was able to go to the gym between four and five days a week. Since January, I’m not sure I’ve been to the gym four or five times.

So, as a result of my general tubbiness and out-of-shapeness, I’m back on “the program;” specifically, the South Beach Diet. As loyal readers may recall, I have attempted any number of “non-diet diets” recently where I just tried to “eat right,” etc. This has not worked. The South Beach Diet is the only thing that has even kind of worked for me in the past– I lost around 15 or 20 pounds before we went to Hawaii– so I’m giving it another whirl.

My goal is to lose as much as I can by August. I’d like to lose about 30 pounds, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

How’s it going after two days? Well, right now, I’m hungry….

2 thoughts on “Back on the South Beach Diet”

  1. Yeah!!! Back on the diet, eh? I love em… uh hum, NOT! I hate Chicken, Sirloin, Seafood, and Rice- In the past few years I think i have ate enough of the “healthy foods” to compensate for a small army. None the less, when i get cravings i either drink water anxiously, have a little bit of peanut butter, or eat a Myoplex Protein Bar… The protein bar is probably my best bet. Heres the nutritional content in case you want to pick some up.

    EAS Myoplex Carbsense bar(preferably Chocolate Chip Brownie)
    29 grams of protein
    20 grams of carbs
    7 grams of total fat
    250 total calories

    Hope class is going well!

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