I Need To Do Some Updating….

See? I told you I wouldn’t stay away for long….

Anyway, a comment from someone asked when I was going to set up an RSS feed for this site, and even though that comment was really spam, they did have a good point. So I set up a Feedburner feed; I might do something different sometime soon.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this here or not, but I have been meaning to set up a podcasting element to the site. Since I went ahead anddid the feed….

3 thoughts on “I Need To Do Some Updating….”

  1. Maybe I’m confused, but I’ve been happily subscribing to your site for a while using the RSS feed created by WordPress which is visible in the footer :)

  2. That’s true, but when I click on that link, I get “feed protocol not recognized.” Which I think happened because it starts “feed.” I think if I just had the link it would work. Anyway, the feedburner part of things worked, so I’ll see if I can get the iTunes interface to look the way I want it to look….

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