My next computer(s)?

The news is all out at Apple: they are releasing a new Intel-powered iMac and a new Intel-powered laptop. For the first time in my computer-buying life, it would appear that my timing is likely to be pretty darn good. Here’s why:

I am due for a new computer from EMU in the fall and I am planning on replacing my own computer at about the same time. By then, I figure that the inevitable unexpected kinks in the switch to Intel-powered processors will be worked out, various updates and upgrades will be made, the mechanism for running both OSX and Windoze on the same computer will be in place, and (hopefully) there will be a lower-priced/”consumer” model of the Mac Book that is more like the iBook.

Yes indeed, good timing. Perhaps. Various things have to fall in place, and just because Apple has released a new line of computers doesn’t mean that EMU is going to be willing to cough up the money for what I want. But I will keep fingers crossed.

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  1. So far Apple has resisted all calls for running Windows on their version of Intel hardware, and the reverse, like mad. Which makes no sense to me; there’s a “Switch” campaign that might actually work. I think Apple could make HUGE amounts of money selling the Mac OS to iPod owners (and other folks) sick of spyware and all the crap that comes with Windows.

  2. Well, it depends on what you read. For example, as this post at Mac Rumors suggests, Apple’s position is they don’t care if people want to run windows on the intel. There are apparently some technical issues, but it is likely to be a possibility. On the other hand, I think it is true that Apple is resisting/non planning on releasing a version of OSX to run on your more run of the mill PC. But that is probably in part because Apple makes their money from hardware.

  3. Windows on Mac hardware would encourage a few folks to switch, so they could dual-boot if necessary. But that hasn’t provoked a Linux runup…

    Apple’s choice of EFI over BIOS, and the silence on their developer site about x86 applications, indicates to me that the more interesting possibility—the Mac OS on the millions of x86 machines already out there—isn’t gonna fly.

    Microsoft made their dough from software. Why not Apple?

  4. But why want Windows? I don’t miss it one bit.
    The only thing I don’t like so far about these new Mac laptops is that they’re too big. Lots of folks like “15, but I like having the smaller “12 to take around w/me.

  5. The reason why I would like to run windoze on a mac is there are some applications that run only on that side of things (I don’t use either of these programs, but Framemaker and Robohelp are both examples), and there are a whole bunch of games that are either first or only on Windoze.

    I am just certain that they are going to come out with a 12″, probably as part of some line to replace the iBook. I have no inside info, but I’d be pretty shocked if they don’t try to come out with something for the “consumer-end” market. And I too like the 12″ laptop, too.

    As for the x86 thing: I’m not completely sure what you mean, but the way I look at it is the PowerPC Mac replaced the previous chip, the “G” series replaced that, and the duo chip thing (or whatever it’s called) is replacing that. So there will be some growing pains, but hey, that’s the way it goes. I upgraded to 10.4.4 on my wheezing G4 iBook with no problems…..

  6. Office. That’s the reason 99% of those who run Windows do.

    I don’t see growing pains with OS X on Intel; it’s a well-designed operating system, and according to Apple they’ve been doing it for years. I’m just surprised that Apple doesn’t want *every* Intel processor to be OS X capable.

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