A few more miscellaneous links

I need to get myself caught up on grading today, so for now, just a few miscellaeous links to things from the blogosphere for the last couple of days:

  • Assigned plagiarism, from Mike at Vitia. Basically, Mike set up a project where he got his students to plagiarize to simultaneously make a point about research and plagiarism. Good assignment, I think.
  • Via Johndan comes this link of a “Typography Crash Course Roundup,” which could be interesting to look at… someday….
  • Via the CC Dean comes this post, “Teaching in Context, or, All Hail Dr. Crazy.” The “Dr. Crazy” in question is another blogger, who has a number of posts about the challenges of teaching (to quote Dr. Crazy) “at a Non-Elite, Teaching-Driven Institution.” They are good posts I suppose, but as a comp/rhet person who has always worked at these kinds of schools, they aren’t exactly surprising to me.
  • Via John at Machina Memorialis comes this article “Intelligence in the Internet age,” which is on CNET News. In a way, it’s kind of a “pop” version of a lot of the reading I tend to assign at the beginning of a couple of different classes I teach; might be interesting to come back to later.
  • Finally, and I’m not sure where I got this one (CultureCat?), comes CiteULike, which is “a free online service to organise your academic papers.”
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