2008 Presidential death match?

My father sent me this conservative/right leaning flash show about Hillary Clinton running for president. It’s kinda funny, though I am on the other side of the Hillary in 2008 argument.

It got me thinking though….

I would have no problem supporting Hillary for president in 2008, but it seems to me that the most vocal “supporters” of Hillary running for president are actually Republicans since I think they think that she’d be easy to beat.

Along those lines, I’d like to throw my, er, “support” behind a possible Republican candidate for president: Rick Santorum.

That’s right, you heard me: Rick “It Takes a Family” (as long as it is a hetro/one-man/one-woman/no birth control/Christian kinda family) Santorum, the senator from Pennsylvania. I’ve seen (on The Daily Show last week or so) or heard (on The Diane Rehm Show this morning) him a couple times already pitching his book, and I gotta tell ya, this guy would be great! He makes W. look like a completely reasonable, well-read, thoughtful, articulate, and liberal-to-moderate kinda guy.

Please, Republican party, please please… appeal to the crazy right wing base…. please…

It probably won’t happen though. For one thing, Santorum probably needs to actually get re-elected to the Senate first, and that might be a trick. Second, I’m just not sure that Clinton is going to get the nomination from the Democrats since the Dems still keep wanting to fight the fight for the middle.

And besides all that, I think that the extremely crude definition of the term “santorum” might hold him back a bit. (I warned you before you clicked on that…)

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