The omniscient narrator

The scene I saw while walking this morning:

Driving west down Cross, a large red pick-up truck, the driver honking the horn repeatedly. Three people in the cab, all of them waving their arms out the windows. They speed up. They are trying to catch a dark colored station wagon (a Subaru, I believe) in front of them. It appears that there is a purse or some other sort of bag on the roof of the station wagon on the driver’s side.

The scene (I presume) for the people in the red pick-up:

“Catch ‘em, catch ‘em, Earl! That crazy woman left her purse on the roof!�

“That’s gonna be a big mess when it falls….â€?

“Can you imagine leaving it up there? I hope they don’t have a baby.�

“I’ll speed up.�

The scene (I presume) for the people in the station wagon:

“What are those people doing back there?�

“I don’t know, but I sure as heck am not stopping for them. Let’s get outta here!�

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